Choosing Canada as your next holiday destination

Choosing Canada as your next holiday destination

If you had not already chosen Canada as a destination for your next vacation, now is the time to do it. Why? Lonely Planet has named Canada THE Country Not to Miss in 2017, which means it’s the best time to join the party. And it is indeed a destination that you cannot afford to miss. If you are already considering a trip on this side of the Atlantic, here are some Canadian experiences that will give you additional motivation. In order to know more and avail discounts you must visit

A gastronomy that is worth the detour

It’s true that it may seem a bit difficult to pinpoint a particular type of cuisine when it comes to Canada (the country of bacon and pouting). And yet some of the tastiest dishes and drinks come from home. Taste delicious cuisine in a remarkable setting in Churchill, Manitoba, explore the best restaurants in the country or sample new beers by visiting innovative breweries in provinces such as Ontario and Nova Scotia.

No less than 45 national parks to visit

The outdoors is your thing? Canada is probably already on your list of countries to visit because of its incredible array of national parks. But even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, parks like Glacier National Park in British Columbia and Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto offer a wealth of opportunities to explore Canada’s natural spaces. And as a bonus, entry to national parks is free in 2017.

Observation of a typical Canadian fauna

When we think of Canadian wildlife, it is bears, whales and beavers, among others, that immediately come to mind. And if you plan your trip well, you will definitely see animals that you will not see anywhere else. Head to the East Coast to see over 22 species of whales or discover polar bears and beluga whales in the Arctic.

Discovering a cultural wealth

While it will blow 150 candles in 2017, Canada has some stories to tell. From coast to coast to coast, you will discover people, cultures and communities that embody the country’s past, while resolutely looking to the future. Explore the abundant Aboriginal culture across the country. Discover the art of First Nations in northern British Columbia. Visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg to learn more about this topic. Relive the country’s history in almost every province and territory. Canada’s history is discoverable in countless ways.

Festivals not to be missed

We have festivals for all tastes. You are connected music? Go vibrate at Oshawa in Montreal or at RBC Blues fest in Ottawa. You are rather comedy? The Just for Laughs Festival is a must. There are also film festivals (such as the Toronto International Film Festival) and gourmet festivals across the country (such as Pemberton’s Slow Food Cycle Sunday).

Meetings with really nice people

What we tell is true, we are rather polite. But there is more: we live in some of the best cities in the world and we love to show them to others. Chat with someone from the corner in a concert hall or sit down at a common table with a friend you just met. There is no better way to get tips for discovering your new favorite city in an optimal way.